Youth Training

Setting the stage for sport success when it counts- begins when it doesn’t. The youth training program is designed to introduce young athletes to all areas of athletic development in a fun and positive atmosphere. Coordination and technique is extremely important for the development of a young athletes. There is no better time to create the proper mechanics and develop great habits then at the youth level. (Grades 4-6)


High School Prep

Preparation is the key to success! The high school prep program is designed on the fundamental concepts that an athlete needs, to excel at the high school level. Change of direction, acceleration, and the introduction of power training is the main focus. (Grades 7-9)


College Prep

The mind set you have determines the next step you take. The college prep program is designed specifically for athletes that want to become elite at the high school level and for those who have aspirations of playing at the college level.  We call this the polishing phase, where the focus is on building a more explosive, efficient, all around better balanced athlete. (Grades 10-12)


Team Training

The concept of team buildings is crucial to the success of any team. The team training program is designed to develop individual needs along with building team comradery. Linear speed and agility is a major focus along with coordination, balance, and conditioning. (All Ages and Sports)

About Us


LLSPEED Sports Development is an athletic training facility created to give athletes in every sport the professional experience.

Our main focus is the progressive development of each individual, no matter the skill level, becoming a more explosive, efficient, conditioned, all around better balanced athlete.

LLSPEED has just the right program for every individual.



Centrally located in Shelby Township, LLSPEED Sports Development is on the Southeast corner of 22 and Van Dyke.

Phone:586 291 8326
Address:48910 Van Dyke Ave.
 Shelby Twp., MI 48316